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5 Tips For Displaying Art Paintings On Your Wall

In this blog, we will be discussing and giving you a few tips for displaying art paintings on your wall in a creative and interesting way.

Choosing the right piece is of utmost essence and is responsible for provoking conversations and deciding the vibe and feel of the entire space. The kind of paintings and the visual appeal or setup of all those paintings should be an instant and recognizable reflection of you.

Keeping this in mind, here are some tips for displaying art paintings on your wall in an attractive and unique way:

1.  Tips for Wall Decoration

Creating a gallery wall is the perfect way to incorporate different styles and kinds of paintings which can be a reflection of your style and personality. It also gives you the opportunity to design the space according to your needs and can choose from going with the same artist or changing it up with different sorts of paintings or drawing. It is a great chance to experiment and mix and match. One more thing that can be tried with this is that the paintings need not be evenly sized; it can be of dynamic sizes and shapes even. There is a chance to choose whether you want the paintings to be framed or left unframed.

Tips for Wall Decoration-GA-Blog

2.  Large Stand Alone Frame

These are more definitive and give an intelligible and cleansed look of the entire place. A large scale stand alone piece is generally preferred by most people. However, if this is opted then the piece needs to be extremely attractive, eye-catching, an immediate reflection of your personality and the feel of the entire house. Here as well there is an option of framing the painting or leaving it as it already is. These pieces are required to be hung at eye level so that they are instantly in the vision of the person entering and have large visibility.

Large Stand Alone Frame-GA-Blog

3.  Popped Out Painting Edges

Arranging small paintings or drawings on shelfs is also a great alternative that can be used to decorate or display art paintings on the wall. The paintings are arranged in a manner that they are slightly popped out from the bottom which gives it a very stylish and fresh look. They can be complemented by small mementos, houseplants or tiny sculptures to increase its visual appeal. This is a slightly more proficient way to display the art pieces. These can be done on bookshelves as well as floating shelves.

Popped Out Painting Edges-GA-Blog

4.  Floor to Ceiling Installation

As the name clearly implies this is a setup where the paintings are arranged right from the ceiling to the floor. It can be done on one side of the wall that is completely empty, it can be highlighted maybe by making it wooden or giving it a pop of color which is different from the rest of the room. This is an ideal setup for the bedroom but it can be utilized in the living room as well. It can be well paired with souvenirs from trips or stands to hang accessories. To make it stand out further and make it more personalized by adding your own photos in the form of paintings or portraits.

Floor to Ceiling Installation-GA-Blog

5.  Create A Grid

If you are a fan of symmetry and have OCD then this is just the right way to arrange your paintings. It is basically arranging pieces of art in a grid like setup so that put together it looks like one big painting but with a little place in the middle. It is ideal for a large block of free space above a sofa, bedframe, entrance or in the living room. It creates a simpler and soothing gallery wall. All the pieces of this artwork need to complement each other well unlike the case of a gallery art and they need to be in the same size and shape as well.

Create A Grid-GA-Blog

There are a number of options available when it comes to decorating your space and you can experiment towards it endlessly. We have discussed some of the conventional and already known and commonly used ways. They can be mixed and matched as well according to your needs and liking.

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