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7 Best Office Wall Painting Ideas and Where to Buy Online

7 Best Office Wall Painting Ideas and Where to Buy Online- GA-BLOG
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The right working atmosphere sets the right mood for all of its employees and that’s why putting up a proper office wall décor is a must. It contributes to the overall productivity of people working there as well.

Surveys show that 83% of employees prefer creative forms of artwork in their office surroundings and is said to increase employee satisfaction and well being.

Also, when clients come to the office, it provides a sense of tranquillity so that they feel comfortable around a new atmosphere. 

Are you planning to renovate your office? These 7 office wall painting ideas might help.

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7 Office Wall Painting Ideas

        1. Simply Squared

If you don’t see the appeal of grid-style square prints, you must be a square. Because of the constant size and shape, you can easily organise and rearrange your display. There is no incorrect way to display fun works of art on the walls of your office.

        2. A New View

A fresh perspective enables you to see how the photographs and artwork can be displayed. Using different ways to hang paintings and photos while maintaining the same mood binds the display together for a consistent effect.

        3. Motivational Quotes

You can never go wrong with putting up frames containing motivational quotes. Art need not be painted. It can sometimes come in the form of enlightening words as well. What matters the most is to brighten the mood and inspire everyone working in the office.

        4. Basic Black and White

There is a certain beauty with black and white framed artworks that never fails to give a sophisticated look to an office. Its simplicity will surely give a sense of wall art power to the office. The best part of black and white is the varying contrast between a dark and a light shade.

        5. Shelves as Art

The aesthetic appeal in shelves automatically makes them the perfect accessory for workplace art. A visually satisfying look is the key point to office art and shelves are the best option to give the perfect look to an office.

        6. Pressed Flower Frames

Flowers look lovely no matter where they are placed. Flowers can liven up and refresh an environment. Many of them have flowers in their houses, particularly in the living room. Why not bring some of that energy into your workplace?

        7. Gallery Wall

One of the greatest office wall art ideas is a gallery wall. A gallery wall in an open office environment or your sitting area creates stunning wall art. In an open office environment, an art gallery can display photos from formal events, employee retreats, meetings, and even rare candid moments at the office that were recorded at random.

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Where to Order Paintings for Offices

Want to purchase paintings for your office but don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few websites to check out if you’re planning to buy wall paintings for your office.

        1. Glow Arts

Our best pick is not just for office paintings but also for any painting. Starting from simple artwork like sketching and landscape paintings, they have now become Hyderabad’s best art gallery providing its customers with LED Paintings, Embossed Paintings, Replica Paintings, Glow in the Dark Paintings and much more. Their canvases are handmade and of high quality as well.

Glow Arts- Blog

Open their website to find out more

        2. Decore Mantra

You can find a wide variety of paintings that are well suited for office décor on Decore Mantra. You can also purchase photo frames, clocks, lamps, lights, shelves, wall hangings, mirrors, metal art and furniture.

Decor - GA-Blog

Decore Mantra all set to take orders soon!

        3. Arte’venue

We’ve found this website to be providing elegant and stylish office paintings that you should check out. Also, look out for their offers while placing your orders. You will be provided with free shipping services all across India.

Art Venue- GA-Blog

Go ahead and check out their website here

        4. Wall Mantra

Give a never-seen-before look for your office as your purchase wall paintings from Wall Mantra. The variety they have will amaze you for sure. Don’t forget to check out their other items like cushions, mirrors and shadow lights as well.

Wall Manta- GA-BLOG

Wall Mantra all set to take orders!

        5. Glim Print

Glim Print has incorporated creative ideas into its paintings that you should not forget to check out. They have been making paintings and photo frames for over 15 years.

Glim Art- blog-GA

Check out their website here

Art- as a form of conceptual visualization speaks for itself in a way when words fail to convey a certain thought. It can be a strong influence to portray a concept and idea.

For booming businesses, it is a great way to expand and improve their brand. So, the next time you’re thinking about changing the interiors of your office, you can come back here to use a few tips for your office!

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