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Famous Artists in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a city with various interests, one of them being art. We have a unit of really talented artists in our mingst. Art is truly a form of expression and solace. It gives any person a platform to portray every emotion felt. Some are just able to do it in a more understandable and creative way. During the course of this article, we will be looking at my favorite 10 artists from Hyderabad city.

Amrutha Krishna Das
Amrutha Krishna Das is a traditional artist from the district of Hyderabad. He is the one who introduced the concept of glow in the dark painting, not only on a plain canvas but in various other types like portraits, embossed, etc. He is a visionary in the field of art and started a gallery by the name ‘Glow Arts’ in Jubilee Hills. He specializes in making paintings of gods and goddesses as well as embossed paintings.

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Marzia Ali
Marzia has been making art since she was a child but she started to do it on a professional level when she was 16 years old. She hosts about 2-3 workshops every month, and she enjoys exploring and experimenting with different art forms. She has aced the art, especially with watercolor, acrylic, oil, resin, fluid art, calligraphy, and alcohol ink art.

Sravani Mustikovela
Her art is deeply inspired by the traditional ikat and kalamkari style. Sravani Mustikovela runs Palette Hues which is all about abstract art. She has great excellence in creating textures and patterns which are done using knives, sponges and wedges. She also specializes in scenic paintings. She catches the nuances of nature really precisely.

Arepaka Raj Bharath
Arepaka Raj Bharath is also a part of the Glow Arts clan. He is one of the owners along with his younger brother and father. However, all of them have different specialities and talents. He is more into a contemporary style of art and is a pro at making string art paintings. He is slightly more introvert in his approach and believes that his work would pass on what he feels.

Ruchit Zain
Ruchit Zain is the proud owner of Abused Ink and an artist that can add wings to your imaginations. He is popular for his wings on the walls. He is into doing a lot of wall art, murals, installation art and more. He has his art exhibited in a rather untraditional way, as on the walls of popular gyms, cafes, pubs, etc. He would be the right person to customize your own space or even your shoes, he can give anything an absolutely fresh, new and exciting look.

Amrutha Routhu
Amrutha Routhu is an engineer by profession but she has a great passion and enthusiasm towards the art field. She does really well with Zen tangles and mandala art. Lately, she has been doing a whole lot of galaxy paintings as well. Along with creating the art, she hosts lovely workshops where you can go and learn how to doodle or make mandalas.

Aditya Chilumual
Aditya Chilumual is an engineer turned artist, and goes by the name ‘Onyx Method’. He creates charcoal art which are pieces that are soothing to the eyes and a real treat. He conducts shows and workshops in Hyderabad and a few other cities as well. He is an integral and active part of the artists’ community and makes sure to be a part of discussions and is eager to meet any up and coming artists.

Sri Priyatham
Sri Priyatham is a TED speaker who moonlights as an artist. He sells his work under the name of ‘Art of Priyatham’ on his website. He is a trained artist with a degree in illustration. Illustrating portraits and even turning them to caricatures is his forte. He hosts workshops across the country and is very active on instagram if you are looking to approach him or strike up a conversation about art.

Arepaka Ashok
Yet another member of the Glow Arts family, the youngest one. He is the younger son of the founder of the gallery, Amrutha Krishna Das. Arepaka Ashok brings a fresh perspective towards the approach of this gallery. He is more approachable and loves to talk about his great passion for art. He specializes in pencil art. Portraits and sketching tend to be his area of expertise.

Priyanka Aelay
Priyanka Aelay has her art displayed at the South Asian Art Gallery. She takes inspiration from the folk form, takes elements from it and uniquely transcends this into her art. Her work highlights the ‘simplest form of expression’ and her canvases are a clear representation of her love for portraits and paintings. The most interesting thing about her is that she creates a connection between the fundamentals of art and her personal life. Integrated in the most beautiful and pure way.

Appreciating and showing support to different forms of art is important to boost the morale of the artists and give them inspiration to follow through. This even gives them the enthusiasm to create more work. Some that even you might relate to or need for adding some substance and character to your living or office space.

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