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Glow in the Dark Painting

Glow in the Dark v/s Radium Effect

Paintings are the best reflections of reality. They remind us of the past, marvel us in the present and immortalize us in the future! From spray painting to digital painting, there have been a myriad of trends in the painting field over the years. The most innovative of them were glow-in-the-dark paintings and radium paintings.

You must be wondering what they are and what’s the difference between them, aren’t you?

Let’s discover their origin in our culture and heritage-rich world!

Radium Paintings

Before glow-in-the-dark paintings gained popularity, the usual norm were radium paintings. These came into existence in 1908 due to the efforts of Sabin Arnold von Sochocky, who invented radioluminescent paint that used radium as the base material.

Why radium is something that invokes curiosity in everyone! Radium is self-luminous i.e, it glows even in the dark and hence, it was used in paintings but had a radioactive nature. The radiations emitted by it were harmful which made people abandon them and look for better alternatives. The search for alternatives to radium painting ended with the discovery of glow-in-the-dark paintings!

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Glow-In-The-Dark Paintings

The mechanism behind glow-in-the-dark paintings is a really interesting one! 

Phosphor forms the core substance which absorbs ultraviolet (UV) radiations from the Sun and emits them which gives the painting a pale green to greenish-blue glow that sustains for more than 12 hours after exposure to light. They are not hazardous and toxic like radium paintings.

Differences Between Glow Art and Radium Paintings

The major difference between both the kinds of paintings is the glow mechanism i.e., radium paintings glow on their own whereas glow-in-the-dark paintings need a light source to shine in the dark! 

Coming to durability, glow-in-the-dark paintings get a clear-cut win as they have a sustained glow (12 hours in the dark) and validity of 50+ years!  They can be made waterproof, fireproof and long-lasting. On the other hand, radium paintings are hazardous and toxic and after a certain amount of time, they begin losing luminosity (glow) due to gradual radiation emissions.

Price Ranges

The price range differs with size, type of canvas, frames and paints used. If you are looking to buy a glow-in-the-dark painting in the standard size, the starting price is ₹5k and above and radium painting is ₹4.5k and above. 

With our unbreakable fabric glass frames, your personalized paintings will forever be immortalized!

Choosing is never easy so put your best foot forward and select something that best represents you and your thoughts!

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