How To Choose A Frame For A Painting

How To Choose A Frame For A Painting?

Edgar Degas, the famous French artist, rightly said, “The frame is the reward of the artist.” After a long toil of choosing the right colors and strokes, the painter feels complete satisfaction after getting his art beautified by a frame!

A frame is the artwork’s remarkable terminus that protects and mystifies it! Choosing the right kind of frame not only adds to the overall look of the painting but also creates an artificial atmosphere for your art’s quality to thrive in!

Framing is an art and the best one can focus everyone’s attention on your painting! Let us help you choose the best one!

Four Things To Consider While Choosing A Frame For Your Painting

1. Material

A frame should complement your artwork. Knowing the subject matter of your painting and the style of painting should be a must when you choose a frame.

The first factor you should consider is the material of the frame. Most commonly, people use frames based out of wood- which may be carved, uncarved or gilded. Other materials you can consider are metal, canvas, paper mache, plastic, or glass. It all depends on how you want the feel of the painting to be and what you want to symbolize through the frame!

2. Colour

The frame of the painting must enhance the strokes and colours, but it must never shine at the painting’s expense. That’s why it is important that the frame gives the artwork the presence it truly deserves.

There should be a colour contrast between the frame and the painting so they go with each other without overpowering the other’s presence. Frames with the same colour or frames with too much going on in terms of design must be avoided as much as possible!

A frame must present the artwork wonderfully and effectively! So, pairing up a dark frame with a light painting and vice-versa works really well! If you can’t decide for a coloured frame, you can always choose between the classic black and white frames!

3. Style of the painting

Frames also add extra value to your invaluable paintings! Another factor you can consider while choosing a frame is the style of painting. Framing oil paintings is tricky as they need space to breathe. If they are subject to decay, glass frames can be used!

Classical paintings go well with traditional gold-leafed frames or dark wood frames. Box frames with thin borders suit well with abstract paintings. Pairing paintings that are a mix of classical and abstract styles with frames that combine the traditional and contemporary designs can also be done.

4. The Place of Display

The place where you hang your painting also matters! A monochrome frame would suit a modern space of white and grey hues whereas in a rustic setting, natural wood tones would match the overall interior along with the painting.

Elevated gallery frames are best for art galleries. Floating frames made of clear glass or acrylic can be used for paintings displayed in bedrooms. Detachable table-top frames work well for paintings to be displayed in offices. Choosing the frame according to the light settings also helps you enhance your artwork accordingly.

After you fix your mind upon the type of frame, you should ensure its double safety!  Covering it with acid free mats, backings and glazing the work with ultraviolet light filtering Plexiglass are some extra efforts you can make! 

At Glow Arts, we ensure long-lasting paintings through our expensive frames made of unbreakable fabric glass!

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