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How To Send Customized Paintings as Gifts From India to the UK?

How To Send Customized Paintings as Gifts From India to the UK- Blog- GA
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As Christmas is around the corner, based on last year’s queries which had,’ How to send customized paintings as gifts to the UK from India’, we jotted down the entire process in this blog.

Paintings are quite personal to everyone. It is also one of the most sought after gifts in the past few years.

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Luckiest are the people whose loved ones are physically present with them. As we all know most of our special people are somewhere abroad like the UK. Sending them t-shirts, watches or even a smartphone as a gift is very easy.

Just imagine how amazing it would be if you managed to send them a customized painting? Good though, right? Let us understand the process of how one can actually send a customized painting from India to the UK.

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Process to Send Customized Paintings as Gift from India to the UK

Finalize the Size of the Painting:

Depending on the frame and its size, shipping agencies charge accordingly. So if you are planning to send a painting, make sure you convey all details about the painting to your shipping agency. There is an option where you can pay extra if your painting is too fragile.

Check Your Frame (Material) Properly: (as it decides the weight)

Here’s some basic information on how much money is charged based on the weight. Also, note that the charges are different for the first and second classes.

For first-class:

A painting that weighs 1 kg will cost you £3.85 and a painting that weighs 2kg will cost you £5.57. Here, the dimensions like length, breadth and width are also considered (45 cm long, 35 cm wide and 16cm thick)

For second-class:

A painting that weighs 1 kg will cost you £3.20 and a painting that weighs 2 kg will cost you £3.20. The same dimensions are taken for the second class.

More information about the weight of the parcel here.

Point to be noted- These prices vary from one shipping agency to the other. Please speak to the agency about the prices beforehand.

Select the Logistics/ Courier Service:

With major advancements in technology, sending parcels abroad to friends and family has become much easier. You have various options to choose from. The most viable option in our opinion is DTDC UK as DTDC is the most recognized courier service all around the world.

Click here to avail DTDC’s courier services

Alternate Options to Send Paintings to UK:

There are other courier services you can avail of. These are our top picks:

  1. Parcel Hero
  2. Arcus Air
  3. DF Alliance
  4. Parcel Chief

Glow Arts has also been providing international shipping options to various countries in the world. You can now order from our gallery and send it to your friends and family residing in the UK.

Click here to place your orders! We hope this blog was informative and you found what you were looking for. Don’t forget to share this page for those who want to send paintings to their loved ones.

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