Most Durable and Waterproof paints to use in Art Painting

“Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No. Just as no one can ever learn how to paint.” – Pablo Picasso.

Art and painting are a form of expression. However, using the right kind of colors is important. A painting is something that is not only used at that moment but is treasured for a lifetime. Making it waterproof and durable is of utmost importance and should be given more focus.

What is the difference between Waterproof and Water Resistant?

  • Waterproof – it can prevent penetration of water. It can withstand water irrespective of the amount of water and the time that it spends on the painting.
  • Water Resistant – the painting is not easily damaged by water but it cannot withstand the penetration of water.

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Which paints are the most durable and waterproof?

  1. Acrylic paints – Acrylic is a versatile and ideal for fine brushwork. It has excellent pigment quality and dries fast as well. The last layer of varnish is the most essential as that provides the restraint against water. However, it is more water resistant than waterproof.
  2. Oil paints – Oil paints have a long lasting and blends well with others. They take time to dry off completely but they have the best durability. This paint is not water-based, instead, they are water mixable. Once dry, these paints form a tough waterproof layer.
  3. Water paints – It has a translucent paint containing pigment which stains the surface once the water dries. This paint dries fairly quick. It is a water-based paint and to make it waterproof to at least some extend, one needs to brush on a waterproofing sealer on top.
  4. Gouache paints – It is a water soluble and opaque paint. It takes time to dry but becomes darker as it dries. These paints are not waterproof; however, they can be made water resistant by mixing it with acrylic medium.
  5. Encaustic paints – It is a wax-based paint with a strong color pigment. They are extremely durable and most appropriate for an absorbent firm surface. They are tremendously waterproof as they need to be heated to the liquid form before using.

Choosing the right paint among these is hugely impactful to the painting. To do this, knowing and keeping in mind the various qualities of each paint is necessary so that the most appropriate choice can be made.

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