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Most Expensive Indian Paintings Will Shock You

Painting is an art that hardly anyone has. Art doesn’t come free of cost. It takes a lot of effort to make a painting. There are many famous paintings that cost a lot of money. 

Though we at Glow Arts are affordable, 

Here are a few expensive paintings that will leave you in a state of shock. 

Expensive Indian Paintings

1. Untitled by V. S. Gaitonde

It was painted by Vasudeo S. Gaitonde in 1995 and it was sold for $ 4.4 million at Christie’s Art Gallery in the year 2015, 13 years after the demise of this abstract Indian artist. The painting was an oil on canvas, untitled minimalist landscape which was one of the last completed paintings by Gaitonde.

2. Saurashtra by S. H. Raza

Saurashtra, by Syed Haider Raza was also sold at Christie’s Gallery for $ 3.49 million on 10 June, 2010. Raza, who is famous for his rich colour works in oil or acrylic, worked from France while maintaining a strong connection with his land, India throughout. This painting displays his beliefs in spirituality and manifestation through abstract geometrical figures.

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3. Self Portrait by Amrita Shergil

A self portrait of this amazing artist made during her teen years made it to the most expensive list when it sold for $ 2.92 million in an auction in Sotheby in New York. Amrita set the records of bringing the most celebrated female painter in India through her series of self portraits. 

4. La Terre by S. H. Raza

This painting is based on Raza’s exploration of his motherland; India. La Terre is an observation of the terrain of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan which justifies its colour coding of red, yellow, brown and black. It was sold in 2008 for $ 2.54 million.

5. Birth by F. N. Souza

Francis Newton Souza, commonly known for being the founder of Progressive Artists’ Group of Bombay, had this painting of his sold for $ 2.48 million in 2008. This painting depicts a pregnant woman accompanied by a man aiding in the birth with a background of buildings and tall towers.

We believe that one should keep the art alive in you and make money with your passion. We at Glow Arts offer your beautiful paintings at a not expensive but a good price. 

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