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What is Restoration Art?

Process of Recreating Old Painting

An activity that is done with an aesthetic purpose and that expresses an idea or emotion or culture is termed as art. Art can be in the form of paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, architecture, objects of decorative art like ceramics, glassware, furniture, textiles, etc. 

Any attempt which is made to repair art, be it in any form, that has been affected because of negligence, unavoidable decay or obstinate damage is said to be known as restoration art. 

The restoration art is only considered with repairing or renovation of the artwork which has already undergone any sort of damage. The restoring technique is closely related to the conserving technique. 

In this century, the importance of restoring art has increased in civic authorities, museums and in all the aspects that are concerned with any kind of artwork. 

In earlier times, the techniques of restoration art were generally limited to the techniques of producing art that were known at that time but now, with an advancement in science and technology, the repairing of art has become more effective and safe.

The idea of restoration art has now become a renowned occupation. The restoration of art takes a lot of effort as the technique and way of restoring each artwork is different and requires a lot of careful examination so as to make sure which will be best suited for it. 

Process of Restoring Art And Painting:

  • Initial Analysis- An initial assessment of the art is done so as to determine the style, period, the painting techniques, pigments and the fabrics that were used for the work. This is done by well-educated associates. 
  • Assessment of loss of paint- The next step is to view the original drawing of the paint that has been lost under the surface of the painting which is viewed with the help of infrared imaging. 
  • Removal of discolored varnish- After having a precise picture of the original painting, the apt solvent mixture has to be found so as to eliminate the layers of discolored varnish.
  • Intermediate coat of varnish- Once the appropriate solvent mixture is determined and the layers of discolored varnish are removed; an intermediate coat of varnish is applied on the painting which ensures that the restoration of the same can be done without actually affecting the original layers of the painting. (See example of restoration art here).
  • Painting the damaged areas- After the coating is applied; the restorer paints the damaged areas with dry pigment which is mixed with synthetic non-yellowing solvents. 

Thus, art restoration plays an important role in aging the iconic works of art and this is the basic process of how it is done. If you are looking for options to restore any artwork, then do let us know. Tweet us your queries @TheGlowArts

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