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Where to Purchase Affordable Paintings Online

Blog- Where to purchase affordable paintings online- GA
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Art is therapeutic. An essential component of our life, art provides a sense of contentment that knows no bounds. It is an undeniable fact that art improves the quality of life and has a way of showing the tastes of a person.
A story resides within the complex shades of watercolours used in every painting that is sure to add a flair to the walls of your house.

Are you thinking of purchasing unique pieces of art online without causing dents in your wallet? Here are a few eccentric websites we’ve come across that you should definitely take a look at.

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Glow Arts

Our discussion on art is never complete until we speak of the best place to purchase art. Glow Arts started out in 1985 by Sri Amrutha Krishna Das as an art gallery in Secunderabad and has now become the best art gallery in all of Hyderabad. Their handmade canvas and waterproof colours add a tinge of magic in all of their paintings and their customized paintings are to fall for. Starting with a price of ₹3,387, you should check out their Glow Art paintings that are very affordable that uses environment friendly chemicals and not radium to glow.

Glow Arts- Blog

Place your orders right away at Glow Arts!


The amount of creativity you’ll find on their website is unmatched. Coming from their in-house artists, their new and fresh ideas make people come back to place more orders for their paintings. What’s best about Society6 is that their starting prices are from $10 only!


Click here to check out Society6.

Saatchi Art

Another very creative website we found was Saatchi Art. Featuring paintings by emerging artists all over the world, you have an option where you can select a price range based on your convenience as well.

Saatchi Art- GA-Blog

Check out Saatchi Art’s website here.


Here’s another exquisite art website where the starting prices are from $200 only. Apart from that, Artfinder provides opportunities for budding and small scale artists all over the world can sell their art online for a fair price.

Art Finder- GA-Blog

Artfinder now taking orders here!


Last but not the least, our other top pick is this website called Minted. Minted’s main motto is, “Our purpose in life is to uncover exceptional design from all over the world and bring this to savvy consumers who won’t accept anything else”. Their paintings have a starting price of $197.


You can see their website here.

For an artist, a painting is a piece of their heart. You will be paying money to purchase their paintings, but what really matters the most for them is the appreciation and customer satisfaction. We implore you to keep this in mind whenever you’re buying a painting next time.

Until then, make sure to bookmark this page and share this page with those who want to buy paintings at an affordable price. Also Read: How Art Can Improve Your Quality of Life- By Samantha Kaplan

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