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Why Should You Include a Painting in Your Home Décor?

Home is generally defined as a building that serves as living quarters, but it is so much
more. It is a place where comfort is found, memories are stored and bonds are
strengthened. A home is not a home without a personal touch décor. Customization is
essential and there is no better way to represent one’s personality than an exquisite and
personalized art piece. The vibe of the house is decided by the kind of work you exhibit
and hence the careful selection is necessary.

Painting Colors for Home Decor

The main deciding factor about the atmosphere that the painting creates is the kind of
colors used in it:

  1. Bright colors– Vibrant shades of colors like green, yellow, blue, orange, etc.
    These create a friendly and extremely welcoming aura towards any person who
    enters the house. They are happy colors and they tend to ease up the
    communication that happens to take place after.
  2. Dark colors– Colors such as deep reds, black, dark blues and greens tend to
    have a bit of a dull and gloomy effect in the ambience of the house. However,
    used rightly with a few combinations may even give a comfortable yet classy look
    to the interiors of the house.
  3. Cool colors– These include blue, green and neutrals like white, grey and silver.
    They make the surroundings appear calm and soothing to the eyes and soul. It
    provides comfort and nurture whereas on the other side it may be conceived as
    impersonal. The correct use of this is very important.

    Keeping the colors in mind with respect to the character you want to provide to the
    house, there are various options of paintings to choose from like canvas paintings,
    Tanjore paintings, abstract paintings, modern art or rather something contemporary.
    Decorating the house with great pieces of art is pleasing to the eyes and sets a tone for
    the emotions to be felt when in that zone or territory.

    Lastly I would end by quoting Edgar Degas that “Art is not what you see, but what you
    make others see.” Trying to emphasize the fact of what you want to make your guests
    and most of all every member of the family feel because home is where the heart lies,
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